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2K Moxa Lighting GmbH
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2K Moxa Lighting GmbH - Plant 1 / Moxa - Plant 2 / Pößneck

2K Moxa Lighting GmbH - Plant 1 / Moxa - Plant 2 / Pößneck

Chronicle of the company 2K Moxa Lighting GmbH
(2K Kempe & Klaus GmbH)


Foundation of the company 2K Kempe & Klaus GmbH on 24.07.1990

  • Activities:
    Design and manufacture of lamps and lighting systems for the indoor and outdoor use, as well as the design and manufacture of street furniture. The company also carries out design and lighting planning.
  • Shareholders:
    Goetz Kempe and Jürgen Klaus Deutsche Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH Frankfurt/Main. 
  • Target groups:
    City planners, architects, landscape architects, planning offices, electrical planning-and installation companies in Germany and abroad.
  • Construction start of the new production hall in Moxa
  • 1. Project:
    Design and manufacture of the arcades in Dresden.


  • participation in the fair Batimat 91 in Paris.
  • Completion and moving into the new production hall on 01.04.1991.
  • Production of lamps mainly in the new federal states.
  • Development of an sales representatives network for Germany and the Benelux countries.
  • Registration of utility models at the German Patent Office.


  • Participation in the construction fair Constructa 92 in Hannover Visit of Federal Construction Minister Adam Schwaetzer to the exhibition stand of the company 2K.
  • Winning of the tender in Harzgerode / Saxony-Anhalt.


  • Participation in the illumination exhibition in Hannover.
  • Project completion Saalebrücke in Saalfeld Construction of the bridge railing , lighting masts and luminaires.
  • 1. General catalogue for lamps and street furniture.
  • Sales and production grew constantly, 35 employees.
  • Large order of outdoor lighting for the Hiddensee Island.
  • Conclusion of a deal with the company Power Electric for the street lights supply to Singapore.


Receiving a new production line for prefabricated buildings Area of the balcony construction (residential block redevelopment in eastern Germany)

  • Patent application projecting balconies / granted on 17.12.98 under patent AKZ DE19618003C2.
  • Conclusion of the contract on the construction of balconies with the Wohnungsgenossenschaft Wurzen eG bis 2004 Construction volume 450,000, - DM per year.


  • Large order: Restoration of the Karl-Heine Canal with the completion of the cycling and hiking trails till 09/1996
    Construction of lighting, railings, benches and wastebaskets 800.000, - DM Patron of the project is the Federal Minister for the Environment Dr. Angela Merkel.
  • shareholder Kempe leaves the company.


  • Completion of the Karl Heine Canal project.
  • Railing constructions of drinking water reservoir Schönbrunn in Thuringia.
  • Thuringian award for product design for a light column.
  • Business trip to China.


  • Production of lamps for one of the most prestigious district of Hamburg on the Alster under the leadership of Swiss architects Atelier 5.
  • Construction start of the 2nd production hall.
  • Building up of business relationships with the United Arab Emirates General supplier of the Jebel Hafeet Hotel in Al Ain.


  • Construction of aluminum chandelier with 10 m diameter for the German Bank in Wiesbaden.
  • Grant of a patent: Wind energy light 195 03 512.7
  • Commissioning of the new production hall and the new office building.
  • Construction of a Light Laboratory in the former office building.
  • Project completion in Dubai.


  • Delivery of lights to Al Ain for the projects Ladies Garden and the hospital.
  • Spa gardens project in Franzensbad / Czech Republic with light columns.
  • 100 light columns to Holland, main project Zandvoort.
  • Participation in the Solidere project (reconstruction of Beirut's downtown) in Lebanon.


  • Development and construction of surf sliders as an alternative production.
  • Presentation of the surf gliders in Dubai.
  • Payout of the equity capital of the German bank.


  • Visit to AL Suwaidi Enterprises in Moxa, to develop the business relationships There was no consensus found.

2002 - 2004

  • Decline in orders in the area of street furniture and railing construction. The gap could not be closed with the lamps production.

On 25.08.2004 the company 2K Moxa Lighting GmbH was founded and the company 2K Kempe & Klaus GmbH liquidated.
Shareholders: Mr. Klaus and Mr. Dölz
Chief Executive Officer: Jürgen Klaus


  • Construction of dancing traverses for the theater Gera-Altenburg.
  • Retrofitting of existing lamps in the city of Gera.
  • Reduction of staff from 55 employees to 15 employees.
  • Stabilization of both turnover and production.


  • Development of Light columns square and participation in the Thuringian Design Award in Erfurt.
  • scientific business relations with the Fraunhofer Institute in Jena, regarding development of LED luminaires.


  • Contract with the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF for LED optic development.
  • Entry of a new partner PSI Group with 74% shares. Recapitalization to finance the development costs.
  • Completion of 0-series production.


  • Lamps production of the series Silver Ellipse Test road in Jena, a pilot project of the Federal Republic of Germany motorway services Walsleben East.
  • Cooperation with the company Siteco for the construction of street lamps. Production start autumn 2009.


  • Delivery of LED lights to
    St. Petersburg
    E.O.N. Schweden
    Public utilities Esslingen, VDE Dusseldorf Parking Switzerland on wholesale.


  • Participation in the Interlight in Moscow.
  • Participation in the Light and Building.
  • Visit of Mr. Malyk Vadim Director General of OAO Loesk and Mr. Makarevich Director of public utilities Gatchina in Moxa, regarding experiences on innovative street lighting with LED light Acceding to the joint project "Intelligent and energy-efficient lighting systems with LED sources " CoLight short participant: Jenoptik AG, Fraunhofer Institute IOF, Mazet, University of Ilmenau and 2K Moxa Lighting GmbH.


Development and production of a new intelligent streetlights and completion of the first functional prototype.

  • Planning of the production launch.
  • Utility model application has been submitted.


The PSI Group as shareholder was replaced by the shareholder Stemas. Production could be improved due to synergies in terms of the electronic development.


In order to fund the high costs for the development of the street lights, an Iraqi Investor Manar Al Hadharat was found.

With a healthy capital base was invested in the latest machinery and in a new plant.

It was started with the development of LED lighting family series "Golf", under observation of extreme climatic conditions.

Participation in the International Fair in Baghdad.


Development completion and production launch of the series "Golf".
Patent application and utility model grant Akz: PCT / DE2014 / 000516
Delivery of these lamps with lighting poles and the corresponding design in December 2014th.

To complete the quality assurance it was invested in a test laboratory, including a climatic chamber.

Participation in the International Fair in Baghdad.


Investments in the production concern the capacity increase.
Objective 120,000 units per year.

Participation in the International Fair in Baghdad.


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