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2K Moxa Lighting GmbH
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Light! Aesthetics and security - Custom made lighting conceptsLight! Aesthetics and security - Custom made lighting concepts

LED Leuchten

Light means energy, light means life. Ever since people have tried to understand and to produce light themselves. There is a long way between kindling and electrical light requiring a lot of experience, effort and inventiveness. Isaak Newton discovered the spectral colours, even Goethe studied the subject in his publication “Theory of Colours” (“Zur Farbenlehre”). In 1921 Einstein won the Nobel Prize for his publication „Photoelectric Effect“ (“Zum photoelektrischen Effekt”). Until present light has lost nothing of its fascination. On the contrary, the play of light and colours enriches our living space.

We contribute to that. 2K Moxa Lighting GmbH offers a large range of decorative and functional outdoor lights. An appealing shape with a special creative kick, high quality as well as solidity concerning technology and production are our hallmarks. We make the roads safer and make living space accessible by night.

In constant dialogue with architects, engineers and municipalities, we develop our products, implement new items, we continually improve.

We know what you need. Our team has many years of experience in lighting technology: planning, development, production and service. We are a medium-sized company in Thuringia which is also internationally active: e.g. in Singapore, the Gulf region and in many European countries our outside lights are used. We produce in in-house production and place emphasis on craftsmanship, combined with state of the art technology.

The main focus of our company is the development, manufacturing and sales of innovative LED lighting systems.

Our team is proud of more than 33 patents and utility models. Several design awards document our creativity. Our customers appreciate the function and the shape of our products.


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